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After years of playing music together in Detroit, Matt Menovcik (vocals, guitar) and Lesli Wood (piano, vocals) moved to Seattle and founded Saeta in 1998. The next year Bob Smolenski (cello) joined the band and Saeta began playing live performances in Seattle. During 2004 the band is growing with new cellist Taryn Webber, Peg Wood (trumpet), Andrea Maxand (vocals), and guest Alina To (violin) from the band Asahi.
Saeta has completed their fourth CD, We Are Waiting All for Hope. Recorded and mixed by Steve Albini at his Chicago studio, Electrical Audio. In Europe the record is being released by Ghost Records in March 2005.
Saeta's previous album, Resign to Ideal, released on Fish the Cat Records in May 2002, was recorded and produced by Kramer in New York City. The album attracted critical praise and Saeta continued to play live shows supporting touring bands in Seattle such as Mark Kozelek, The Church, Low, Hem, and Rasputina.
In July 2000, the band recorded its second CD, Structure in the Void. Saeta's sound caught the attention of Shimmy-Disc honcho and recording artist Kramer, who mixed and mastered the CD. This album was released on Recurving Recordings. After this album Saeta was featured in The Seattle Times in a profile of the city's best up-and-coming bands.
Saeta released its first full-length CD, entitled Burn, mixed by spacerockers Windy and Carl, in July 1999.
Saeta's songs are dramatic, subtle and intimate odes to the darker sides of human emotion. Their latest album recorded and mixed by Steve Albini has Saeta's essential acoustic elements - piano, guitar and cello. Menovcik's lyrical and vocal baritones stir a cold ocean lit up by Wood's voice.





There Will Be Blood

22.30 - Lio Bar, Brescia


Il Triangolo

22.00 - MI AMI, Milano


There Will Be Blood

18.30 - MI AMI, Segrate (MI)


There Will Be Blood

22.30 - Raindogs, Savona


Il Triangolo

22.30 - Parco del Cavaticcio, Bologna


There Will Be Blood

22.30 - Free Tribe, Oleggio


Il Triangolo

22.30 - B-Rain, Montichiari (BS)


Il Triangolo

22.30 - Longlake Festival, Lugano


There Will Be Blood

22.30 - Acropolis, Milano


Il Triangolo

22.30 - Giardini Estensi, Varese


Il Triangolo

22.30 - Filagosto, Filago (BS)


Il Triangolo

22.30 - Dalla Cira, Pesaro


Il Triangolo

22.30 - Buco Bum Festival, Noci (BA)


Il Triangolo

22.30 - Stra de Casaà, Casale Litta (VA)

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